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E.A.T. Utah Showcase Official Report

Game Notables
-2017 game brought to our attention a sneak preview of Utah’s up and coming talent such as 6’2 play-maker Jaxon Brenchley and 6’0 shooting sniper Trevin Knell.
-2016 game we highlighted a very active Dacian Spotted Elk. 6’3 Brendan Bailey ultimately will be the flag ship name in this class with his freakish upside based on predictable length.
-2015 game featured several players. Two to mention: Zac Seljaas, who still is still growing, and the infamous play-maker Jesse Wade who had back-to-back fabulous days with us.
-2014 game bought out Brekkott Chapman, a 6’8 lefty with high-major intangibles. Chapman had an EAT Utah game high of 31 points.
-2013 was missing the Lone Peak stars due to the Under Armour event in Houston. Their absence gave room for Hayden Grant and Jalen Moore, who is an Utah St committ.Continue Reading