2014 Bryan Alberts Interview

Brian AlbertsWe sat down with 2014 6’5 CG Bryan Alberts at the 2012 Magic Memorial Festival in Garden Grove, CA.

Alberts attends to Village Christian High School in Sun Valley, CA. He’s playing with BTI Pump ‘n Run and Paul George Elite this summer.

He’s in the class of 2014.

A scout’s take: Alberts is a smooth guard who can really do it all. He has a good shot off the bounce and the catch with excellent range. He can get to the rim but really enhances his game with his ability to dish out of the dribble drive to an open teammate cutting to the basket. Alberts has a high basketball IQ and knows how to move without the basketball to get open for a good shot.

Q: What is your official height?
A: 6-5.

Q: What position do you see myself playing in college?
A: Point guard. I’ve been working really hard on my point guard skills.

Q: Which colleges have shown interest in you?
A: West Virginia, Stanford, Boston College, Rice, Wake Forest, and Kansas.

Q: You’ve been playing with BTI Pump ‘n Run and Paul George Elite. Who’s your home team?
A: BTI, but I’ll still play with Paul George Elite if BTI isn’t playing that weekend.

Q: What brand do you prefer, Nike or adidas?
A: Nike.

Q: Would you consider an Ivy League school?
A: Oh, definitely. My education is a really important factor for me.

Q: How would you describe your game to someone who hasn’t seen you play?
A: I’m versatile. I really see the court and try to create shots for my teammates as well as myself.

Q: What do you consider your strongest asset on the court?
A: My ability to see the court and find my teammates.

Q: What level do you see yourself playing at in college?
A: I’d like to play at the highest level I can.

Q: Do you prefer the west coast or the east coast?
A: I like the east coast. I really like the intensity people have for basketball out there.

Be sure to follow Bryan on Twitter: @bryan_a_alberts

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