2016 Derryck Thornton Interview

Derryck Thornton lil tankMy first time watching Derryck Thornton Jr. hoop was in the spring Double Pump Spring Las Vegas Classic in 2010. Derryck’s dad Thornton Sr. who goes by the name “Tank” was coaching his prep school team, Stone Ridge Prep in the event.

I remember sitting there observing Coach Tank place his 5’6 12 year old son into the game against 17 year old boys. Thornton checked in and immediately displayed composure and aggressiveness years beyond his age.

Months later, I decided to act on my instincts and invite young Thornton Jr. to the E.A.T All American Clinic , where we wanted to have a complete blend of the top high school prospects regardless of age, class or rank.

Derryck didn’t disappoint playing alongside the likes of Shabazz Muhammad, Archie Goodwin, Ricardo Ledo, Rodney Purvis and the list still continues.

Thornton Jr. held his own at the E.A.T All American Clinic and continued his progression by dominating 13U with his Cali Style team.

Fast forward two years and Thornton Jr. is leading his 8th grade C.B.C team to the semi final game in the Pangos Live tournament which helped him obtain a Pangos All American Camp invite.

Thornton Jr. not only was the only 8th grade invite but he led the Pangos All American Camp in assists and instantly gained national credibility regardless of class from several national scouts.

Thornton Jr. recruiting already consists of offers from USC & New Mexico and he is still three months away from entering high school.

Premierball would like to give an EAT salute to Derryck Thornton Jr. aka “Lil Tank”

Here is what young Thornton Jr. had to say to Premierball

Lil Tank Mix Tape Link:

1. What’s your natural position on the floor?
Derryck Thornton: Point Guard

2. What is your official height with shoes on?
Derryck Thornton: 6’0

3. When you think of college basketball, what are the first five schools that come to mind?
Derryck Thornton: Kentucky, Arizona, Duke, North Carolina and UCLA

4. What high school will you attend?
Derryck Thornton: Sierra Canyon.

5. What AAU team will you be playing for this spring/ summer?
Derryck Thornton: CBC.

6. What part of your game do you feel you need to improve on the most? Ca
Derryck Thornton: I need to work on my catch and shoot jumper.

7. Do you have a Facebook or a Twitter that you would like to share with us?
Derryck Thornton: @Team Greatness11

8. Share with us the best player you ever played against?
Derryck Thornton: Enis Kanter and Nick Young.

9. Who are some of the mentors that got you to where you are at right now?
Derryck Thornton: God and my Dad.

10. What are your strengths on the floor?
Derryck Thornton: Leadership, passing and ball handling.

11. How hard do you work on your game? How much time do you put in?
Derryck Thornton: 2 a days is a routine for me.

12. When did you first pick up a ball?
Derryck Thornton: At the age of 7.

13. What are your short term goals as a basketball player?
Derryck Thornton: A few offers from schools and to make the USA 16 and under team.

14. What are some of your long term goals as a basketball player?
Derryck Thornton: To make the NBA.

15. What’s your nickname?
Derryck Thornton: Lil D.

16. Give your family, friends and fans shout outs on Premierball.com.
Derryck Thornton: what up Mom Dad Sky Bran Jordyn, Cody, Davaerl, Parker, Max Hazzard, Coach Moose, Coach Ty and Mike Law.

17. What gets your mind ready for the game?
Derryck Thornton: Music and watching Cp3 videos.

18. Why are you a basketball player?
Derryck Thornton: I love the game. I’ve been playing ball for my whole life.

19. Do you have any unofficial visits planned in the future?
Derryck Thornton: USC

20. In 2010 you attended E.A.T ALL American Clinic. Share with us your experience.
Derryck Thornton: The best camp I’ve ever been to. Everyone was amazing, Shabazz, Archie Goodwin, Ricardo Lido, Rodney Pervis. There were like 3 Mc Donalds All Americans. Everyone was a High Major prospect.

21. What were your thoughts on the Pangos All American Camp this past weekend? Were you nervous about the talent level with you only being the lone 8th grader in the camp?
Derryck Thornton: No I don’t really get nervous. It was alot of fun playing against good comp in front of all the scouts. I had a great time.

22. Are you Nike or adidas, what’s your favorite?
Derryck Thornton: Nike 100%

Lil Tank Mix Tape Link:

2016 PG Derryck Thornton at 2010 EAT AA Clinic

2016 #1 PG Derryck Thornton @ 2010 EAT All American Clinic

lil tank @ 2010 E.A.T along side McDonald AA Rodney Purvis

lil tank @ 2010 E.A.T along side McDonald AA Rodney Purvis

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