Fullcourt Press Las Vegas Fall Showcase-PoP

Las Vegas, NV.——> The Las Vegas showcase was hosted at Bishop Gorman High school. Camp director Dinos Trigonis brought out several division I. prospects.  2012 Shabazz Muhammad was impressive as usual and may go down as the best basketball player in Nevada history.  Aaseem Dixon put on a show in the 2011 Sr. game by connecting on a multiple three point bombs and capping a few plays with thunderous dunks. 2015 Stephen Zimmerman is the future of Nevada basketball. The 6’8 wing/ forward showed off his versatility in the 2015 and 2014 game and looked dominate in both settings. 2013 game belong to the versatile and able Rashad Muhammad. Muhammad is quickly playing out of his big brothers shadows. The 2014 game belong to 6’3 Deonte Jones who simply put on a show displaying his athleticism, strength and touch from 18 feet. Below are the prospects that raised my national eye brow.


2011 Class

Aaseem Dixon: 6-foot-0, Centennial High school

Dixon is a player that makes you shake your head in surprise. Does not look like a bona-fide basketball prospect at all. When the ball is live Dixon is a killer on the floor and competes with his heart. Strong shooting combo guard that can fill it up in a variety of ways. He is an excellent slasher and full court in your face ball defender. Dixon is suitable to play High-mid major basketball for many programs. Dixon competes!

2012 Class

Shabazz Muhammad: 6-foot-5, Bishop Gorman High school-Guard

A man amoungs boys with his power/ finesse game. Muhammad dunks everything and dunks everything hard with  a statement. Displayed his arsenal; three point stroke, mid range pull ups and fall away. When its all said Muhammad is on pace to being the best player (production wise) to ever come out of the state of Nevada. Already deemed by many national scouts as a McDonalds All American candidate for 2012.

Rosco Allen: 6-foot-9, Bishop Gorman High school-Wing

Allen is a much improved slasher off the dribble. Having grown another inch and battling in out in last weeks E.A.T. All American camp Allen simply took over the game with pure skill set and will. Armed with a deadly trigger from three point range and bounce like an olympic high jumper Allen left no doubt that he deserves all the national interest he has been receiving. The most improved part of his game is his passion to attack  the basket and his vocal leadership on the floor.  With continued core strength and a successful 2010-2011 campaign, Allen’s name will be mentioned as a possible McDonalds All American candidate.

Khalid Banks: 5-foot-11, Cheyenne High school-Point Guard

Banks was the talk of the valley a few years ago and disappeared. Premierball witnessed first hand what the hype was all about. Banks is small but well built and got to about any spot he wanted to get to on the floor. Strong shooting point that shot the ball just a little too much for a distributer. With more patients and coaching Banks has the explosiveness, vision and touch to be a strong mid major point guard at the next level. Impressed with the kids ability to get to the paint at will and knock down jump shots.

Ben Carter: 6-foot-8, Bishop Gorman High school-Forward

Versatile forward that can step out to 15 feet and knock down the jump shot. Played big on the glass and showed touch from the outside and strength inside. Continuing to get more mentally tough and is learning to how to play hard and effective the more I watch. Carter is projected to be a mid-high major recruit.

2013 Class

Rashad Muhammad: 6-foot-4, Bishop Gorman High school-Guard

Versatile combo guard that is gaining confidence and bounce. Muhammad looks like he is gaining muscle and looked very aggressive running the point. Very slick ball handler who shots the ball from the dribble attack and spot up. Solid High major talent.

Michael Louder: 6-foot-8, Coronado High school-Forward

Not much progression for Louder since his last Pangos debut. Still one of the longest and athletic kids in the valley but needs to gain weight and strength. 18 months of hard-work for Louder and he could turn into a strong 3-4 star mid major prospect

Eris Winder: 6-foot-0, Palo Verde High school

One of the best point guards in the valley regardless of class. Excellent penetrator with excellent court vision. Defensive intensity is all that he is lacking to catapult him to the nation scene.

2014 Class

Noah Robotham: 5-foot-10, Bishop Gorman High school-Point Guard

Played average in the first half but dominated the second half with long three balls, good quick hit a heads and excellent half court decisions. Played on a less talented team and made the the game very completive in the second half. Will develop into a high major recruit with more size and strength.  Excellent vision with a genius feel to the game.

Deontae Jones: 6-foot-3, Arbor View High school-Wing

Jones looked as good as I have ever seen him. Displaying his outside touch and more polished up mid-range game. Factor in that Jones athletic jumping abilities with a great body and there you have all the ingredients for a mid-high major player.

Shaquille Carr: 5-foot-11, Bishop Gorman High school-Guard

One of the most explosive and athletic guards in the state of nevada. Still learning how to play hard and effective, Carr will leave you scratching your head with mouth watering acrobatic plays.

Keondre Drew: 6-foot-8, Impact Academy-Combo Forward

Looked more like a volume shooter than anything else on the floor today. Drew ceiling is high but tends to settle for the jump shot and not the attack. Has all the tools to be special. Great frame, size and touch to 18 feet.

2015 Class

Stephen Zimmerman: 6-foot-8, St. Anne Middle school-Combo Forward

The sleeping giant has arose! Zimmerman production in both the 2015 and the 2014 game was special. Big time wing scorer at 6’8. Nice touch with excellent balance on his jump shot. Very good athlete, that plays tough in the paint. Zimmerman 3 pt stroke is accurate and has the skill set to knock down the jump shot from the dribble in traffic. Excellent pass and catch player for his age. Frame is light but has plenty of time to gain weight for this 2015 national prospect. High major prospect if he continues to develop.


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  1. Real Talk says:

    That’s funny, I thought Diontae Jones dominated the 2014 game, not Stephen Zimmerman. Maybe I was at another game?

  2. Lori Stevens says:

    Correction: Stephen Zimmerman is an 8th grader at St. Anne’s he does not attend Bishop Gorman.

  3. ed jones says:

    Interesting that Shawn Jones of Impact Academy class of 2011 had 22 pts (3 thunderous dunks and 3-3ptrs), 4 blocks, 3 assists, 2 steals and 4 rebounds against a stacked Black Jersey team, @ 6’6″ did not raise an eyebrow to any Premierball writers. Fortunately Rivals.com writer Eric Bossi, Chad Groth of WCHR, Dinos Trigonis and annoucer Mr. Carter were there.

  4. "PoP" says:

    I agree. Good talent. I like his upside.

  5. "PoP" says:

    Correction made. St. Anne’s Catholic middle school.

  6. "PoP" says:

    2011 Shawn Jones was very explosive. Should have been in the report thanks for the mentions. Good talent.

  7. baller says:

    He never said zimmerman dominated the 2014 game, he simply said he was dominate. But if he wasn’t feeling ill and was fresh like jones, don’t fool yourself, he woulda DOMINATED!!!

  8. Real Talk says:

    He never said he DOMINATED, just said that he did DOMINATE? LOL! And I suppose you looked into your crystal ball and saw that Diontae WAS feeling good huh?

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