2013 Gavin Schilling Interview

Findlay Prep forward Gavin Schilling sat down with PremierBall to talk about his future and the upcoming season.

“Gavin Schilling is a versatile big man with an interesting mix of post and perimeter skills. He looks comfortable with his tight footwork around the basket.” — James Kerti

What’s your official height and weight?
Schilling: 6’9, about 235.

Do you have a top five to ten schools you’re looking at right now?
Schilling: Right now, it’s like UCLA, Missouri, Villanova, Arizona, Oklahoma State.

What position do you see yourself playing at the next level?
Schilling: I see myself playing as a stretch-four.

How would you describe your game for coaches and fans who haven’t seen you play yet?
Schilling: I’m a versatile kind of power forward. I like to play inside and out. I like to rebound on the floor. Those are my strengths.

What part of your game makes you stand out the most from other players?
Schilling: I can post up smaller big men and take bigger big men off the dribble. And I rebound.

Do you have a preference right now when it comes to playing on the west coast, east coast, or the midwest?
Schilling: I’m starting to like the west coast a little bit more, but who knows?

What part of your game have you improved on the most in the last year?
Schilling: Probably my perimeter game, especially taking my man off the dribble with one or two dribbles and getting to the basket. And my jump shot a lot too.

What part of your game are you working the hardest on right now?
Schilling: My ball-handling, and my shooting of course.

Who are some of the coaches you’ve been hearing from a lot?
Schilling: Coach Chillious from Villanova, Coach Carter from Missouri, Coach Garson and Coach Howland from UCLA. Those are the main ones at this point.

Have you taken any visits?
Schilling: One official visit, to Coach Smith over at Minnesota. It was nice.

When it comes to making a decision, what’s a big factor for you?
Schilling: Number one is a good academic program and system. Number two is how well I can fit into the program and the system that they run and be productive. A third is the relationship with the coaching staff at the school.

Who are some of your mentors who have helped you get to where you are right now?
Schilling: Definitely my mentor back home in my Chicago. He was my trainer over there. Also, I went over to Germany my sophomore year.

What are your short-term goals as a player?
Schilling: Win a national championship this year and keep getting better as a player.

What are your long-term goals as a player?
Schilling: To make it to the NBA. That’s my long-term goal. And to do good in college and make it to a good Division I college.

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